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Are you feeling better, today?

huh. weird, I didnt hear anything about a new journal prompt assignment. Teach, did you update this for me? well, if you did this for me because I was absent today, thanks.
also, weirdly specific prompt, but i appreciate your concern.
I'm doing fine, thanks. not sure if I'm really better, but. I was able to make myself get out of bed today, so that's good.
my mom doesn't seem too concerned, she thinks it's just the flu or something. I told her that I had no other symptoms besides tiredness, but she waved me off. 'you'll feel better soon, dear, you'll see.' ugh, even remembering her words gives me a headache. god it throbs... it's like a pulsing in my brain pounding on my skull.
And then there's my dad. i don't think he even knows i'm sick, and personally i doubt he'd care. honestly, it seems like the only one who really cares is you. So, thank you. for being there for me when no one else wants to.

I will always be with you, Brandon. Forever.