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Journal 2

PROMPT: What's one of your favorite memories? What about it makes it so special to you?

One of the best moments in my life was when I won the game for the team last year. The score is still tattooed in my memory: 70 to 67. Down to the wire, 67-67, last 30 seconds of the game, it’s like a speed demon takes over me. I race that ball to the other team’s net like a man on a mission, dodging anyone who had the balls to think they could get in my way. I straddled the outer black semi-circle, that 3-point line and then… I shot.
Nothin but net. there is nothing more satisfying than the sound of the ball flying through pure net, I swear to god. The scoreboard flipped: 70-67. Seahawks WIN. And the crowd fuckin went WILD. My teammates mobbed me, jostled me up in the air. I can still hear the roar of that crowd to this day.

We like to hide who we are... are you looking? Can you hear them?

why can’t all days feel like that one moment?