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Journal 5


Figured out a sweet new beat today. Might’ve pounded a bit too hard on the snare tho… punched a hole straight through it. Mom had a fuckin field day when she saw that… "do u know how much money that drum kit cost me, Brandon, can u imagine how expensive it’ll be to fix it," blah blah blah.
She can shove it, I already know she ain’t paying for it. I broke it, I fix it, or I pay to get it fixed. that's how it's always been. she always whines about the money coming out of her bank account when she knows damn well it always comes outta mine. Since I wont have the money to fix it for awhile, I patched it up with duct tape. It’s a crap solution, but it’s the best i’ve got til I can save up enough money to get it resurfaced.