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Journal 6666666666666


visited dad’s again today. not sure whose place I prefer being at, his or mom’s. Do I have to have a preference? Or can I say I don’t like either of em and leave it at that?
The air at dads house is suffocating. I feel like I’m gonna choke on every bad decision I make when I hear my dad chewing me up about whatever I’ve done this time. it almost makes me miss home. mom nags me, but at least I know she cares at the end of the day
speaking of her, mom’s been getting pissed when she hears me drumming since I ripped a hole through my snare. maybe she thinks I'm gonna smash a hole in one of the toms or something, I don't know. I’ve been waiting til she leaves the house to play mostly, but sometimes I bang on my kit as loud as I can when I know she's home just to spite her.